Slit lamps SL990

Ražotāji:CSO, Italy


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Slit lamps SL990

The SL990 series is characterized by a modern optic project and uses a multilayered antireflection treatment that ensures a more effective transmission of light, thus improving the optic resolution and contrast by 20%.

The optic quality of the SL990 series moreover provides a 20% increase in optic transmission and a 10% enlargement of depth of field.


The 6V 20W halogen bulb assures high quality color temperature. Thanks to the tilting device, the inclined light can be vertically projected up to 20° with 5° intervals.

This shows to be very helpful in the horizontal optical observation, gonioscopy and posterior eye examination.

Zoom Microscope

Continous enlargements from 6x to 33x, giving clear, brilliant and well contrasted images thanks to the multilayered antireflection treatment. All the accessories of the Galileian microscope can be used.

System for inserting yellow filters for fluoresceinic test

The CSO slit lamps on Galileian microscopes with 3 and 5enlargements and Zoom microscopes allow the option of having the yellow filters (fluoresceinic test) directly inserted into the microscope box for faster testing and improved optic yield of the set.

Beam splitter

System for optic splitting of the microscope image (50% on videocamera – 50% on operator’s eye).

It can be supplied in the following models:

  • single plug for Panasonic microcameras
  • single plug for C gauge telecameras
  • single plug (requires adaptor/joint for telecameras)
  • double plug

They are also easy to install on Galileian and Zoom microscopes (see illustration).

Optional accessories

  • 16x eyepieces for 990 2x
  • 10x eyepieces for 990 3x/5x
  • Hruby lens kit
  • T onometer mount
  • Hand-rest
  • Rheostat on instrument base
  • Video adapter
  • Micrometer eyepieces
  • Second observer tube
  • Bearing with contrast and polarization filters
  • Beam splitter for microcamera
  • Beam splitter with one plug only for standard videocamera
  • Beam splitter with two plugs (reflex camera-second observer-video)
  • Background illumination kit
  • Y ellow filters included in microscope ®
  • Joystick’s push button (useful in Eye Image acquisition).

Standard accessories

  • Chin-rest tissue
  • Spare illumination bulb
  • Fuses- Maintenance kit