Ahmed Capsular Tension Segment (CTS)

Manufacturer:FCI Ophthalmics, France


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Ahmed Capsular Tension Segment (CTS)

The Ahmed CTS is a modified design of the Cionni capsular tension rings manufactured by Morcher GmbH of Stuttgart, Germany. The CTS is a partial ring of clear PMMA covering approximately one quadrant with a hole for temporary or permanent fixation. One or more segments may be used as necessary to support the areas of the capsule that have damaged or insufficient zonular support.. Because it is only a segment, placement is easy and atraumatic, even before phaco. There are no sharp points or edges to tear the capsulorhexis and removal is easy. According to Dr. Ahmed, stripping cortex out from under and around the CTS is easy. The CTS can be used even when anterior or posterior capsular tears are present.


Capsular Tension Segments are used to stabilize and recenter the capsular bag in the following cases:

  • Significant zonular weakness
  • Lens subluxation
  • Pseudoexfoliation
  • Myopia
  • Zonulolysis
  • Soft IOL
  • Marfan’s Syndrome
  • May be used intraoperatively, secured by an iris hook
  • May be fixated to the sclera for permanent support
  • Stabilizes conditions during cataract surgery
  • Improves IOL centration
  • Reduces risk of capsular fibrosis
  • Resists capsular shrinkage
Type 6D, 9.61mm
Material: PMMA, box of 1, sterile
Type 6E, 10.14
Material: PMMA, box of 1, sterile