EVA Phaco-Vitrectomy System

Manufacturer:Dorc, Netherlands

Artikuls:EVA Phaco-Vitrectomy System

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Advantages of EVA Phaco-Vitrectomy System.

VacuFlow VTi

EVA gives surgeon a maximal control. The key element is a revolutionary new, precise pump.
It can work in flow or vacuum mode on every stage of a surgery.

«Flow» mode is similar to aspiration by means of peristaltic pump where key parameter is the quantity of the substance. But, unlike peristaltic pump, «VacuFlow VTi» generate vacuum without pulsation.

«Vacuum» mode is a mode where vacuum place a key role as parameter defining aspiration like in «Ventury» pump.

However, creation of vacuum is faster than by common Ventry pump.

TDC: Two Dimensional Cutter

Maximal frequency of cuttings by vitrectomy cutter: 16 000 cuts per minute. High frequency of cuttings decreases duration of a surgery and makes aspiration of vitreous fluid smoother.

LED illumination

3 Port Light Emitting Diode (LED) Illumination advances visualization

Constant Lumen output - No degradation of light output over the +10,000 hour life of the LED
- Significant cost savings compared to traditional Xenon bulbs (400 hours)

Available color tinting - Allows for user adjustable tissue contrast for enhanced visualization
- Increased safety profile for extended or highly complicated cases

Filtered for safety
- Integrated 435nm and 680nm filters for UV and IR protection