HD Visualization & Recording TrueVision Integrated 3D

Manufacturer:Leica Microsystems, Germany

Artikuls:True Vision

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Leica Microsystems and TrueVision® have collaborated to integrate TrueVision Smart 3D surgical visualization and recording into the Leica M530 OH6, Leica M530 OHX, Leica M720 OH5 and Leica M525 OH4 surgical microscopes.

TrueVison 3D can greatly enhance microsurgery education, providing all staff and students with the same 3D view as the surgeon.

As the TrueVision Smart 3D is built in, set-up time is minimized and OR space is freed up. 3D functions are controlled directly via the microscope controls, avoiding interruption to workflow. Editing of recordings in 2D and 3D is fast and simple with TrueEdit® editing software.

What is more the TrueVision 3D platform is upgradable to support future surgical guidance applications.