Keratograph 5M

Manufacturer:OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH, Germany

Artikuls:Keratograph 5M

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Measurement and Evaluation System for Corneal Topography, Contact lens fitting and Dry Eye Screening

One device instead of 6 !

  •  Ophtalmometer 
  • Slit lamp (only for working with contact lenses!) 
  • Tearscope
  •  Lipidview 
  • Imaging system 
  • Pupillometer (optional!)

The only corneal topographer available with a Real builtin keratometer, tearfilm analyzer and an optional builtin Pupillometer. It delivers real K readings not simulated Ks. It is a great tool for Dry Eye analysis and can measure the tearfilm breakup time quickly and noninvasively.

It works very well for refractive surgery or contact lens fitting. And now the exclusive optional infrared Pupillometer allows the measurement of the pupil in a totally dark environment. It also allows the possibility to test the pupil reaction with and without glare, resulting in the min/max and mean diameter of the pupil under different illumination conditions.


  • Highresolution and accurate measurement of the cornea due to 22.000 measuring points. 
  •  New illumination system: 
  • TFscan. Noninvasive tearfilm analysis: diagnosis of dry eyes (post LASIK, PRK etc.), medicamentation followup, contact lens fitting, Tear meniscus height measurement, TF lipid layer, TF dynamic, NIKBUT. New!
  • R-scan (Automatic detection and classification of the bulbar redness).New! 
  • MeiboScan (Meibiography and 3D visualization). 
  • Imaging. 
  • New magnification changer (field of view 11-26 mm).New! 
  • Digital image transmission and automatic release guarantee top reproduction. 
  •  Intuitive and easily learnable application with Windows™screen environment. 
  • Noncontact measurement with a 3.15" distance.
  •  Network capable software. 
  • Indicies. Keratoconus detection and quantification based on several indices.New! 
  • Refractive compare display to control the progression of wearing Ortho-K-Lenses. 
  • Innovative Contact lens fitting software with:
  • Real fluo image simulation.
  • Extensive pre-programmed CLdatabase.
  • Editing function for your own line of lenses.
  • Customized, individual CLlens suggestion.
  • Oximap – shows the oxygen transmissibility of soft contact lenses.
  • Contact lens manufacturers.
  • Pupillometry module(optional).
  • Lid angle measurement.


Several topographic maps, such as:
axial (sagittal), local (T angential), elevation (several reference bodies available), refractive power, Fourier maps, Zernike map.

Several displays such as:
Overview, large color map, 3D cornea, Fourier analysis, Zernike analysis, Keratoconus Indices , Refractive map, elevation maps, corneal asphericity , Placido image, White Placido-ring illumination, Refractive compare, compare examinations; CLdistance map (fluo simulation); several difference and compare displays for all available maps, innovative contact lens fitting, pupillometer analysis display.