Twinfield 2 Visual field perimeter

Manufacturer:OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH, Germany

Artikuls:Twinfield 2 Visual field perim

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Twinfield 2 Visual field perimeter

Projection perimeter following the Goldmann standard, for static and kinetic perimetry over the whole visual field.

  • Static perimetry: various test patterns (special Div. Lic. Grid) and multiple examination strategies (suprathreshold class strategy, classical 4/2 threshold and fast threshold strategies) 
  • Kinetic perimetry: automated and manual; Twinfield 2 was authorized for expert advisory perimetry by the DOG and BVA 
  • Chin and headrest adjustable by electric motor 
  • Fixation monitoring through digital camera system 
  • Various representations of examination results:
    • Overview
    • Greyscale / defect curve (Bebie)
    • 3D animation (abs./rel.)
    • Compare modules
    • Progress / Statistics
    • Optional integration of the Peridata statistical program 
  • Glaucoma Staging Program 
  • CLIP strategy – Continuous Light Increment Perimetry provides threshold values in each point of the test pattern, just like the threshold or fast threshold strategies