Ophthalmic knives

The Edge and Bevel generate “Ultimate Sharpness”

Bevel Shape (patented)

MANI® original bevel shape is applied for the knives. By polishing the blade slightly from the back side, the shape provides excellent sharpness, better usability and better stability on trajectory.

Crosslapped Edge

MANI®‘s fine-processing technique has created the crosslapped edge, which provides excellent sharpness and consistent quality.(Crosslapped edge: polishing direction is vertical of the edge)

Example of use of the marking lines (main incision)

Color-Coded Handles Allow Easy Identification

The color is different depending on the tip shape.

Non-Glare Treatment (patented)

To maintain the sharpness, Non-Glare treatment was processed on knives except its edge and back side.

Stainless Steel Superior In Safety

MANI® ‘s original hard fiber stainless steel (austenite stainless steel) provides reliable strength on the tip and ensures thin but solid edge.(Edge thickness of MANI® slit andcrescent knife: 0.14mm)